By default, buttons for this are plac at the bottom of the page, and sometimes, for add convenience, also at the top. occurrence of pagination How to implement page pagination? Properly optimiz pagination may be necessary for websites with extensive content and online stores with a wide range. If you want paging to additionally support your indexing strategy and ensure good user experience, it is worth implementing this functionality effectively on your website. Here are some tips on how to do that.

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Rel=prev” and rel=”next” attributes – protection against content duplication In the past, the rel=”prev”” and rel=”next” tags were us to tell Google robots that subsequent pages belong to one category. The attributes referr to the URL of the previous (“prev”) and the next (“next”) part of the content, indicating the sequence between them. In , the database Mountain View giant report that they are no longer requir. Most likely, Google handl the paging detection without any additional guidance. However, if you still have them on your site, there is no ne to remove them. Canonical vs. paging When implementing pagination on your site, keep in mind that there is a maximum number of pages that Google can index under your domain.


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The Google robot visiting the website analyzes the content and code of the. Website and on this basis determines which subpages. It will place in the search engine. What’s more. Google doesn’t like when the content on the page is not original . to be consider valuable, you should avoid copying and ensure original, unique content, both in relation to other AGB Directory websites and within your own. To prevent robots from considering similar content on individual category subpages as duplication, you should create  canonical links (rel=canonical) . Implementing these tags will allow the crawlers to know which URL is the original link.