Study finds PFAS substances in food packaging in Canada

A recent study detected for the first time harmful  substances in .Canadian fast food packaging , specifically water- and grease-repellent Study finds paper alternatives to plastic, which are to serious health effects. Researchers from the University of Toronto, Indiana University and the University of Notre exposes people to these so- forever chemicals.” Among the samples […]

Detween now and the centenary

And it will also be necessary to ensure that, as far as the Ukrainians themselves are concerneExcellent friends, but different: China, Russia and the war for Ukraine Uwe Optenhögel Although Xi Jinp promis Putin “unlimit friendship” in February, it is impossible for China to have been enthusiastic about the recognition of the “independent people’s republics” […]

Closely relat to the Chinese

Unlike Russia, China is not interest in destroy the exist international order. It will be crucial for the country to watch closely how the West tries to shape deglobalization in its favor. The Unit States has consider China a key geopolitical adversary, not just since the presidency of Donald Trump. In the perception of the […]

The non-transparent nature of

Inde, it seems more than prudent to make a clear distinction between the direct involvement of NATO countries in the war against Russia and the supply of defensive weapons to the Ukrainian army. On the side of the invader, Belarus is already openly participat in the war in Ukraine, without this prompt the West to […]