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These simple instructions. You can access your views through the admin panel. This allows you to see exactly how many visits each channel is getting the devices people are using and where they are coming from. You can also see how much traffic each channel receives how long visitors stay on your site and what percentage of those visits convert to sales.  easier than ever. Separate fields are no longer requir for different channels. Instead you just add a field for each channel. For example suppose you want to track mobile application downloads.

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All you ne to do is enter the following information India Phone Number List App Description Here is your app description. The remaining fields are optional. To learn more about what has chang click here. Link to Should I switch to now is out now and brings some breaking changes. If you are already using now there is no reason to switch. But don’t worry if you haven’t us it yet you won’t miss anything important. Here are three things about it. You won’t be able to access some advanc metrics The most notable change is that you won’t be able to access several advanc metrics. These include custom dimension goal conversion tracking and event tracking. But it’s not a deal breaker. All these indicators still work fine in.

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Your data will still be collect without collecting any additional information or affecting the amount of data collect. In fact the only thing that has chang is the way it collects data. will not send anonymous Nam traffic reports send a unique identifier to . what AGB Directory your visitors are doing once they land on your site. You can continue to use other 3rd party tools that work just fine with tools like and . They all apply. So you can continue to use these tools as you transition to. The reason why it is so difficult to use is that customization makes it difficult to understand. It may not seem very clear that it takes time to learn. But once you get the hang of it it will be worth every minute.

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