A Commitment On The Part Of The Influencer

It might be a good idea to start by auditing your current offline and online situation. Public relations will be more effective if they can be properly targete and profile, and this will only be possible if we act base on the real situation. Remember that we can combine crisis management with a campaign rebuilding the image both outside and inside the company. Employer branding and internal communication – these are the tools you nee to rebuild the good opinion of employees about the organization.

This Is The Time To Set A Deadline

We also conduct online and offline public relations activities aime at the B2C sector and the corporate environment: investors, shareholders, contractors. Public relations agency and your company’s events A public relations agency with its own event database center that can accommodate up to several hundre people? You can imagine how much it simplifies the process of organizing such an event. Team building classes, workshops, trainings – we can organize all this in our own center, minimizing the costs, formalities and the amount of time neee to put everything in order.


As Well As The Goal That The Brand

We have our own event center – Dwór Korona Karkonoszy, with conference rooms.  Guest rooms, a garden, parking spaces and our own restaurant. This will allow you to organize an intimate trip.  To the mountains for the company’s  management AGB Directory board or shareholders.  As well as a large event for an important company jubilee. All this in line with the public relations strategy that was create by Commplace. Contact Dwór Korona Karkonoszy directly for events or.  The Commplace public relations agency if you want to start with the concept phase. We recommend Our Event Center changes events for the better! The Crown of the Karkonosze Manor. facility for corporate events.

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