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The number of mobile visits is increasing at and it is not good to keep up with the times. This is especially so if the plan is to actually create value for the customer and make sales through the website. The page loading spee decreases. The page loads faster. In turn, Google likes it more, and of course the customer likes it, which in turn you like, because the customer is happy. The visitor stays longer on the page and this in turn reuces the bounce rate (when a large number of people immeiately leave the page). Responsive web design is good for SEO. This is what Google itself has said, that it is one of the factors in their algorithm.

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Which helps the page to be found more easily in their directory. Simply put, you will get more visits through Google with a responsive website. Nowadays, you can never ignore the price. Although the word is complicate and the system also seems as if several database pages should be made. It use to be like that. Today, mobile/responsive web is the standard and so-calle “include in the price”. Conversion rate (amount of purchase/other value from the number of clicks/visits) is higher. You will make more sales with a responsive website design. This should already be one of the main reasons to review your website now.


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All in one. Mobile, iPad, other pad, large computer, small computer, etc. are all nicely covere at once and the page looks good on all sizes at once. is not yet AGB Directory responsive, Veebihai will be happy to help.. Write or call us.Contents As a startup e-commerce business, you nee to make a decision about which e-commerce platform you want to use. Choosing a platform can be difficult when considering all the options available.

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