The new owner of this domain name

Write an email to the owner asking if they are willing to sell the domain to you. Every time, such a letter may not get a response, or if there is a response, an excessively high price may be aske for the Estonian domain (usually the prices start from 200-300 euros, but some sites even ask for thousands of euros), but if you are lucky, you may become . . Be careful when buying an existing domain name Buying an existing domain name can be a little different than buying a new one. First, since it is not new, it means that it already has its own history. And you can never be absolutely sure what the history of the site really is.

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On the plus side, domain history can give you Latest Mailing Database a boost in Google because you’re not starting from scratch – Google already knows the domain. However, content (pornography, gambling, spamming) is expose through this domain name, it may be completely banne from Google. Buying a domain from a well-known website marketplace, such as Flippa , gives you some security , as each domain is validate in at least the most basic way.

Latest Mailing Database

If you find some results

However to make things a little safer, you should also check for yourself . First, do a manual check by visiting Google and searching (by entering the name of the page you want). This will tell you if Google has indexe any pages from that AGB Directory domain., that’s a good sign . This means that the domain is not banne. However, if you don’t get any results, there may be a ban on the page, and this is more of an alarm bell. You can also check through tools like But also keep in mind that these sites are not foolproof. Just think of them as extra helpers.

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