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Co-financing for company social facilities, creating forms of pre-school eucation (company nurseries, kindergartens, children’s clubs). Integration event with ZFŚS – costs A distinction should be made between events finance entirely from the Social Fund and those finance entirely from working capital. In the first case, the integration event, which was fully finance from the Social Fund, charges the employer with administrative costs only. This definitely relieves the company’s budget, which makes it worth choosing this option. In the case of events finance from current assets, all expenses incurre can be include in tax deuctible costs under a certain condition.

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If and only if the purpose of the event is to integrate employees and improve the atmosphere in the workplace, as well as to create a harmonious team, motivate to continue working. integration Party Remember! If the employer intends to whatsapp mobile number list include the integration meeting in the operating costs, only employees may attend the event. This means that their family cannot attend the event. In the event that the company decides to invite the next of kin, it gains the right to deuct the costs incurre for each employee. If the employer is particularly intereste in this, he must prepare a detaile statement of the costs incurre and separate from them the part that he allocate to his team.

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We recommend Design brief Examples of integration events within the Social Fund An integration event with the ZFŚS must be include in social activities, cultural and eucational as well as sports and recreational activities. Cultural activity AGB Directory is base on the dissemination and protection of culture, and organizational forms include, among others, cinemas, theaters, philharmonics, museums, and art galleries. On the other hand, leisure includes sport, recreation and active leisure. Therefore, in order to organize an integration event from the fund, it should be combine with leisure, cultural activities or sport.

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