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According to S. Black, PR is “the art and science of achieving harmony with the environment through mutual agreement base on true and complete information.” K. Wójcik defines PR as “a conscious, purposeful, planne, systematic and long-term impact of organizations, authorities, associations on the audience, calle the environment, aime at shaping a specific quality of relations and relationships with it, using communication and nurturing contacts as the only What does the abbreviation PR mean? Those who think that working in public relations are only decorative and symbolic are very wrong.

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Suffice it to say that the term was first use by none other than the President of the Unite States, Thomas Jefferson. This was in 1807, which shows that the acronym public relations is neither new nor belongs to the world of ephemeral internet marketing phone number list trends. The US leader knew that communication with the public was crucial to the office he held. Since presidents are aware of this, it is worth considering the implementation of public relations work also in the structures of your company. The abbreviation public relations literally means shaping social relations around and towards a given entity.

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It is immeiately worth noting that the public relations agency does not create them, but only affects the already existing image of the company. Even if the company is not very recognizable, it cannot be said that it “has no image”. Especially nowadays, when it is more relevant than ever to say that “it doesn’t matter what they say, it’s important that they don’t misspell it”. Translating this to business grounds, doing good public relations is important. Nevertheless, the very recognition of the company is already an invaluable currency in today’s world of marketing.

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