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This might be too difficult a goal and feel a bit overwhelming, but give it a try. Challenge yourself and make your text as short as possible. Of course, you are not always necessary. But the fact that you can add more always applies here as well. 7. at your website from all over and land on any content page People usually read a book from the first chapter, from the second to the third chapter, to the fourth chapter, and so on. Imagine that people pick up a book and start reading from anywhere. Maybe from the beginning of the last chapter, maybe the middle of the third chapter, or the last page of the first chapter. This is what the internet looks like.

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Most web visitors do not start reading from your whatsapp mobile number list website. page on your site. If you don’t know where people land on your website, go to Google Analytics >> Site Content >> Landing Pages. You can see exactly how many web visitors have lande on they have spent there ( bounce rate ), where they click and how they finally leave the page. Very important information. What does it mean that any web page can be a landing page? Every page should be easy to scan Every page should make it clear to people where they are.

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What website is it Every page should have a call to action ( CTA ) that tells people where to go next or what to do: read the following blog post, join your AGB Directory newsletters, view a detaile product description or ratings, ask for a quote add product to cart Don’t rely on your navigation bar to tell people what to do next. Add a button or link to direct people to take the next step. On every page. 8. Make it easy for hunters to find you Potential customers are hunting for information or products.

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