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It is necessary to put in place a Social Media strategy capable of improving and rejuvenating its image in order to create commitment. Discover right away the 10 ways to attract attention on social networks when you are a bank or an insurance company. Use sports sponsorship to create engagement If there is one sector of activity adept at sports sponsorship, it is that of banks and insurance. To increase its notoriety, nothing better than an activity that conveys strong values ​​and unites many people.

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Marketers have understood this well. There are countless financial players who communicate on this subject on social networks. Among them, we can mention BNP Paribas with the Rolland Garros tennis tournament, AG2R La Mondiale with whatsapp mobile number list the Tour de France and La Banque Populaire with the Vendée Globe. According to Benchmarking Sprinklr, in 2016, sponsorship communication by financial players on their social networks generated 49% of total engagements. And unsurprisingly, it is on Facebook that the engagement is the most important. finance-accounts-sponsorshipbanks and insurance-facebook-commitments Showcase your products to generate interest.

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The General Theory But Of Course Nothing

Selling a bank offer or an insurance product is not very attractive. So imagine promoting it. Social networks are interesting in that AGB Directory they make it possible to develop storytelling and create attractive visuals around products that are not very attractive on paper. If we take the example of American Express, the results are eloquent to say the least. On their Instagram account, we can see how bank cards are inserted here and there in scenes of life and enchanting landscapes. The cards travel and the subscriber is part of the journey.

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