Trello Trello is a content management platform that helps teams

Ahrefs As one of the most well-known martech companies in the industry, Ahrefs offers an all-in-one SEO tool to help with all facets of your campaign. Whether you want to deep-dive into keyword research or do a competitor analysis. Ahrefs also lets you track your own URLs and manage analytics in the same platform. You can use this tool for all phases of SEO, from research to implementation and tracking. 9. Marq Marq, formerly LucidPress, lets you turn your designs into branded templates for your team to access. If you struggle to create consistent branding on your site, Marq will help you establish a complete vision of what your brand is, as well as giving you actionable tools and materials. Creating a strong brand presence is essential for your company.

Marq is a great option for stepping

Up your branding and building a solid  Job Function Email List online presence. 10. Criteo  Criteo lets you create online display advertisements and push them to different channels, all from one platform. Since display ads are an effective way of reaching your audience, having the best tool to create effective options can make all the difference. Along with display ads, Criteo offers ecommerce services to help you monetize your ads and increase revenue. 11. Slack Slack is an online messaging platform for professionals. If you want a way to help your team connect, Slack is an excellent option that already serves numerous businesses and teams. With Slack, you can enjoy private messaging on desktop or mobile phones, as well as video and phone options for teams around the world. If you have a hybrid workforce, Slack is a must for keeping everyone in touch.

Marketo Marketo is Adobe’s marketing

Software that targets clients all AGB Directory over the market. This software uses marketing and sales automation processes to help businesses get more from their leads, audience, and advertising efforts. On top of that, they also offer a multitouch marketing approach, which measures checkpoints across the sales funnel for every single lead. 13. Feefo Feefo is another review tool that helps you gather, evaluate, respond to, and implement reviews on your website. Their advanced analytics help you find trends in your reviews and consolidate data automatically to save time. If you want more information from your customers without seeking it out manually, Feefo is a great option for businesses. 14. Shopify Shopify is a popular ecommerce tool that lets you sell goods and services online. With Shopify, you can integrate your store with other channels and make it easy for users to order from you. You also get access to analytics, marketing tools, branding advice, and more.


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