Link building of an English-language eCommerce website

We have already raised the topic of internal website optimization more than once for the purpose of promoting it. Today we’ll talk about another component of successful promotion of eCommerce resources – the so-called Off-page SEO. We will talk about  for English-language sites. That is, about increasing the external link mass, which contributes to better ranking of the web resource and its entry into the top of search results. So let’s get started! Why link building is so important in eCommerce Google’s ranking algorithm is designed this way: the more resources on the Web link to your site, the more trust it has. Accordingly, Google considers it higher quality and more authoritative. Therefore, it tries to raise the search results for relevant key queries in the list. But there is a nuance! Out of ignorance (and sometimes quite consciously), SEO specialists try to “take in quantity”, purchasing as many links as possible on a variety of external sites in order to quickly and cheaply increase their link mass.

Why link building is so important in eCommerce

This approach really gave good results five to ten years ago. But today, ranking algorithms have become much more advanced. The number of links is no longer the main indicator. Now their quality is much more important. Why link building is so important Phone Number List in eCommerce If you work in the eCommerce industry and plan to engage in link building, we strongly recommend using our tips for choosing sites for placing links: Choose reputable sites . These should be resources that have existed on the Internet for a long time, have high positions and good incoming links, without an overabundance of outgoing ones. Place links on different domains . Three links from different domains is much better than the same number from one site. Make sure that the content of the page matches the content to which the link leads . If, for example, a page with a sushi recipe contains a link to a jewelry site, it will be considered bad. Write your target anchor text .

7 Easy Link Building Strategies for eCommerce

You cannot hide a link with text that does not correspond to it. Ideal if you use a suitable keyword phrase. There are quite large link exchanges on the Internet, where with a sufficient budget you can buy at least thousands of links on external sites. The only question is how reasonable it is now. Google does not welcome this approach. Low-quality links are worse than no links at all. Therefore, buying is always playing with fire. But if buying links is bad, then how can you build up your link mass? Answer: natural ways. We will talk about them further. 7 Easy AGB Directory Link Building Strategies for eCommerce 7 Easy Strategies for eCommerce It is ideal when other sites link to your site voluntarily. Firstly, this is very good for ranking. Secondly, it’s essentially free. Thirdly, it works on the principle of word of mouth. In order for  to start acting “on its own,” you will have to try. We have several strategies that have worked well. 1. Create valuable and quality content We believe that comments are unnecessary here. High-quality, unique, useful and important content for the target audience will be willing to read and link to it. A good expert text may well receive a hundred or two backlinks. 


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