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A powerful communication tool Often Facebook groups are created by users themselves. It’s a place where they can easily ‘speak up’, unlike Facebook pages which are much more restricted in this regard. Likewise, you will be able to communicate more easily with your community. Admittedly, this is already possible on a Facebook page, but the chances of reaching your community are much lower. Because of Facebook’s algorithm and the saturation of news feeds linked to the multiplication of subscriptions to pages, the reach of your message is diminishing.

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By creating a group for your brand, your message has a better chance of reaching your target than with a page. Your message will be Latest Mailing Database highlighted in their newsfeed, but also via push notifications. From 250 members, Many Ways to Use Facebook Groups The interest of Facebook groups is more about your community than your offer. The idea is therefore not to bombard them with advertising publications, but to exchange with them and to show them interest. The primary goal is to retain them . But be careful, depending on your offer, you have to think carefully about the purpose of this group and the benefit it can bring to your community.

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Facebook groups can indeed be used for different purposes. Seek feedback from your community Offer novelties, exclusivity and AGB Directory previews. Collect suggestions and feedback from your community Share. Information about the use of your products. Offer product testing Reward loyal customers Elect your brand ambassadors Identify moderators for your group This last point is very important, especially when the group grows. Moderation is perhaps what holds companies back from creating Facebook groups.

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