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Includes video lectures practical assignments and additional materials: articles checklists toolkits. The course program consists of two parts: a block devot to the work of managers career directions and career development options; a block devot to target  targeting scientists. Who is this course suitable for Beginners who haven’t learn the basics yet.  choice for those who don’t know which career is best for them specialist or target scientist. These are free courses with certificates that can be taken online. Higher School of Economics Marketing This course has been develop by the Higher School of Economics staff and contains.

Advertising and the work of

A wealth of information for practical self-study.  you will be able to: develop a complete marketing plan; conduct marketing research; segment China Phone Number List markets; identify target audiences. The class is held regularly but if you don’t fall into a category you’ll have to wait for the next one. The course lasts for a week and he nes to allocate hours per week. Marketing Who is this course suitable for The course is design for beginners and marketers but is also perfect for experts. This is a free training and you can earn a certificate after passing it. How to make learning effective The key to self-study is self-discipline.

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After completing the course

The following tips will help you study. More efficiently and complete your studies. Without giving up: Identify your purpose. Why did you take this or that course. Goals should be clear eg after completing the course. Within a month find the first clients AGB Directory  and start earning money. Create a study plan: Allocate certain days and times of the week to review lessons. If you don’t you’ll most likely want to put off watching the next. Lesson one day and then another day and the lesson won’t be complete. Strive to gain more knowlge from any available and interesting source: read blogs and books from.

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