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Although Snapchat stories have been around since 2013, live streaming has become known to brands with its launch on Facebook in 2016, then on Instagram. Youtube also got into it by offering its own live TV streaming platform in early 2017. Live streaming has shaped our Facebook in 2016, from viral video to live chat, the trend is only growing in 2017: live video is no doubt a culture for businesses to embrace this year. It is possible on Facebook lives to comment and react live.

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Indeed, users appreciate the live video experience, because of the proximity and their direct connection with the speaker or the event. Moreover, this gives a more authentic dimension to the brands, which during a live show can only appear phone number list natural, without retouching. And authenticity is an aspect undeniably coveted by Internet users. The (trans)mutation of platforms A few years ago, it was easy to define the different social networks according to their main purpose: connecting with friends via Facebook, sharing photos on Instagram, or using Twitter as a micro-blogging platform. However, it has been common for a few months for platforms to borrow features from another.

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Thus, we now find “stories” on Facebook or Instagram, just as Snapchat has recently equipped itself with a search bar, like Youtube. Social AGB Directory networks thus offer a more global and less targeted dimension of their functionalities. This change affects brands in such a way that they no longer need to seek to allocate equal budgets on each platform: each network taking on the characteristics of another, companies can now seek to dig deeper into a service one in particular.

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