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For each post and the entire account as a whole Read also: -analysis – the nuances of promotion analytics in social networks. Attendance bounce rate time on site browsing depth These are metrics for website analysis.  convenient the company’s website is and whether the right audience is brought to it. All these metrics are consider automatically by site analytics systems – Yandex.Metrica or. For example good traffic may indicate that the advertisement has the right offer and a high bounce rate may indicate that the site is inconvenient or the wrong advertising message has been select. For Businesses Research on the.

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Effectiveness of  a business point of view Sweden Phone Number List Internet marketing is one of the sales methods that help to form a brand image and create a loyal community. But the task of increasing sales almost always comes first. Therefore when evaluating the strategy and effect of online marketing enterprises ne to pay attention to indicators such as sales return on investment and customer value. Lead Count and Sales Leads are contacts with potential customers that can become sales: phone calls applications contacts complet orders.

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Sales – paid orders. is us to evaluate the effectiveness of internet marketing since handling applications and selling them is the task of consultants. Therefore AGB Directory it is a mistake to evaluate the strategies and work of marketers only in terms of actual sales. However if there is a large discrepancy between lead count and sales you ne to look for the cause: the manager is not handling the application well or the marketer is bringing in untarget leads. Leads and Cost of Sales – and To know if marketing is working well you ne to calculate the cost of leads receiv – and the cost of sales -. For each indicator statistics are perform separately. Cost of Lead Calculation Formulas Cost of Lead Calculation Formulas Cost of Lead Calculation Formulas Cost of.

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