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Us today but it will destroy your stats. Some experts recommend using them to increase the number of views or reactions of your posts. You should not use them in the first place because it will constantly blur the picture – you will Not knowing what material your audience actually likes and which bots just encounter likes.  won’t be able to understand what percentage of your audience is live and interest subscribers and how many of them are bots. Even without cheating  you will also ne to regularly check your viewers and delete non-live accounts.

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Read more about cheating in our article “Cheats:  to Find Out”. At the New Zealand Phone Number List beginning of account development you can ask friends and relatives to subscribe but you ne to understand that this is not the target audience. This approach can only be a good sign at the outset that the channel is alive and has an audience. You shouldn’t do this when you already have more than 1 subscribers. By following these tips you’ll be able to increase your channel’s views and attract more subscribers. During the course you will learn how to promote your channel differently attract new customers and make money. To learn how to make an opinion grow your channel and get subscribers fast take the Promote courses.

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You’ll learn all about the feature what and how to AGB Directory post how to check channel stats how to promote a channel and how to connect bots in .  the number of subscribers in social networks and Sergey Bondarenko author of technical articles on marketing and illustration. I’ll tell you about the bots in and set up ads and I’ll learn about new topics. connect to but the data is not yet collect very Except for young channels.How to download stats from Telegram channels: Go to; Find a channel by name by searching or selecting it from the directory – If you are not looking for a specific channel but choose an ad.


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