Persona and target audience so what are they and the differences

The persona refers to the specific and detailed. Information of the ideal customer aimed at a marketing strategy or an optimized sale. The target audience collaborates. With general data and broader definitions . Many people still have doubts about the difference between persona and target. Audience, but the answer to this question is quite simple. The distinction between the terms is how deep the research is. On a business’s customers and leads. That said, read our text and learn what persona and target audience are, understand the. Main differences between these concepts and how to apply them in your company.

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Target audience even though the. Concepts are similar, it is important to understand the difference between target audience and persona in order to carry out an adequate marketing plan. Target audience target audience, also known as target audience, is a widely propagated and well-known concept in. Marketing and business communication. This expression is nothing more than a demographic, social, economic and behavioral. Categorization Australia B2B Leads of who the organization understands to be the loyal consumer of the brand. It is worth mentioning that the people. Who are part of this group will be the targets of marketing and sales actions, that is, it is through a series of surveys and questionnaires. That are carried out during a certain period of time that predominant characteristics in common of a class.

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The target audience may be: gender; age range; social. Class; geographic location; level of education; average monthly income; consumption habits; objectives and needs. However, even if every brand analyzes this data, the target audience concept is very broad, as it has a large group of people and does not. Consider the personal details of these AGB Directory individuals, in addition, there may be conditions that can compromise the purchase procedure. And sale. Therefore, in some cases, having the definition of the target audience is not enough to reach the final consumer. For this reason, if the business wants to be accurate and.


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