Marketing for hotels tips to attract more guests

The biggest dream of those who work in the hotel sector. Is to reach maximum capacity all year round. Marketing for hotels is essential in this scenario. According to google, 60% of people. Who travel for pleasure and 55% of those who go on business use internet search engines to do their planning. See how hard it is to do marketing without the internet. We present below 6 tips to attract more guests to your establishment with hotel marketing . Where to start in hotel marketing before starting a digital marketing plan , it is necessary to follow 3 basic. Premises for anyone working in the field: 1. Quality your service needs to be compatible with the image you have of it.

No hotel marketing strategy will be effective if it

Doesn’t focus on the basics and essentials. Ensure that your hotel, in addition to the quality of service, maintains cleanliness, comfort and good services. 2. Uniqueness make your client’s hosting a unique experience . Whether through the quality and differentiation in the colors of the sheets, for example, or the impeccable room service. Train your UK Business Email List team in excellent service – it is directly linked to the brand’s reputation. Remember: the main marketing is the satisfied customer . 3. Availability be present and available on the hotel’s different communication channels. Respond quickly to any and all requests you receive, including messages sent via instagram direct.

B2B Email List

Make accessing direct booking channels as

Easy as possible by including details such. As up-to-date, high-quality photos and videos of rooms and items on offer. The information must appear on all channels, from the website to social networks. Never leave your client in a vacuum. It will search for AGB Directory another hotel in just one click. The 6 infallible tips to attract. More guests google hotel ads (gha) have you heard about the google tool that transformed the hospitality and travel industry in hotel marketing , google hotel ads? Surely you must have already used it when searching for stay. Data show that 97% of internet searches are done on google, a number that cannot be ignored.


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