Keys to sustainable ecodesign to reach

A key element to promoting the circular economy is through a holistic approach to ecodesign . It is an approach that involv designing product packaging that minimizes the environmental impact throughout its life cycle, from its conception and design to the way in which it will be used and discard. Packaging is an essential part of every product, and it is also a major generator of waste and pollutants. Therefore, thinking about sustainability not only requires that the product itself be recyclable or come from responsible sourc, but also that the packaging promota circular economy . Ecodesign allows creatin product developments, integrating more environmentally friendly criteria.

Pollution reduction

This is with the interest of being able to reduce the impact on ecosystem considering the entire life cycle of these products. Our sustainable solutions are design to be part . Of these criteria, and thus propel the labeling and packaging industry towards a more . Sustainable future. All this while Job Function Email Database still offering excellent labeling .Performance and visual quality, says Natalia Carro, Business Development Manager at Avery  Dennison. AVERY2 Through ecodesign, compani can increase the value of their brand. Photo: Avery Dennison Continue reading Ecodesign strateg.

Innovating the way to recycle

For food and beverage packaging Keys to ecodesign . The materials us in production represent a considerable amount of contaminants. Plastics, metals, and synthetic compounds take a long time to AGB Directory degrade, even up to . Thousands of years in some cases. Ecodesign seeks alternatives for more environmentally friendly materials that are compostable, facilitate recycling, and are constantly integrated into a circular reuse process. This idea of ​​ecodesign is not limit to the materials used, since also reducing the amount of material used, with smaller and lighter packaging, reduces the . waste generated. 2. Added value . Sustainability is not about a fashion, it is the principle under which the objectiv.


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