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The social network. This metric is always greater than coverage because all views are consider generically not just unique views. Community Subscriber Reach – The number of group members who have seen the content.  the number of social network users who have seen the content of that community but have not yet subscrib. Daily Average Subscriber Reach – The average number of subscribers who view the content per day during the given time period. Average user reach per day – Similar to the previous metric only all users of the social network are consider. Post Impressions – The number of times a community post was view by a user.

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Post Reach –  posts. Analyzing Post Coverage Metrics Analyzing Post Coverage Metrics Activity and Engagement In this group we collect metrics Thailand Phone Number List that reflect how users interact with community content. Number of Posts – over a period of time.  we can gain a better understanding of our websites and optimize them better. If you are interested in aligning your enterprise development with and based optimization techniques please contact us. We look forward to your rise with us. Selecting the Right Consulting Services for Your Business Goals Wed Jun 12, 2020 Developer SEO Click.

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