Does Telegram Show Your Number

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Telegram, a popular messaging app, has garnered praise for its security and privacy features. However, users have expressed concerns about their phone numbers being exposed to others. In this article, we will delve into the workings of Telegram and clarify whether it shows your number to fellow users.

Privacy Settings on Telegram

Telegram offers a range of privacy settings that users can customize according to their preferences. By default, Telegram allows users to find you Greece telegram number data by your phone number, but you can change this setting to ensure greater privacy. In the privacy settings, you have the option to restrict who can see your phone number, either to “Nobody,” “My Contacts,” or “Everyone.” Choosing “Nobody” will prevent anyone from discovering your number, while “My Contacts” limits visibility to people in your address book.

End-to-End Encryption

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One of Telegram’s significant advantages is its end-to-end encryption, which ensures that messages are securely transmitted between users. This encryption ensures that even Telegram’s servers cannot read the contents of your messages. As a result, your phone number is protected from being accessed by unauthorized parties. It’s essential to keep in mind that both users involved in a conversation must have the “Secret Chat” feature enabled for end-to-end encryption to work.

Phone Number Sharing in Groups

When you join a Telegram group, other members can view your phone number, but only if it’s already in their contacts. Conversely, your number AGB Directory will be visible to you if someone in the group has your number saved. This feature aims to enhance group interactions and connections, ensuring members can communicate efficiently. However, if you wish to avoid sharing your number in groups, you can limit your privacy settings as mentioned earlier.


In conclusion, Telegram provides users with robust privacy options, allowing them to control who can access their phone numbers. By leveraging the app’s privacy settings effectively, users can enjoy a secure messaging experience while safeguarding their personal information. Telegram’s end-to-end encryption further ensures that conversations remain confidential, adding an extra layer of protection for user data.

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