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Pakistan’s railway system is an integral part of the country’s transportation network, providing a cost-effective and convenient mode of travel for millions of passengers every year. In this digital age, where communication is essential, having access to accurate and up-to-date phone numbers for railway stations can greatly enhance the travel experience. In this article, we present a comprehensive list of Pakistan railway station phone numbers to assist passengers in easily contacting the relevant authorities for inquiries, ticket reservations, and other assistance.

 How to Use the Pakistan Railway Station Phone Number List

Before we delve into the extensive list Kazakhstan Mobile Number List of phone numbers, it’s important to understand how to effectively use this resource. The provided phone numbers can be utilized for various purposes such as:

  1. Inquiries: Passengers can use these numbers to gather information about train schedules, fares, routes, and any other general queries they may have.
  2. Ticket Reservations: Many railway stations offer the facility to reserve tickets over the phone. Passengers can call the relevant station to book their seats in advance, saving them from potential last-minute inconveniences.
  3. Assistance and Complaints: If passengers encounter any issues during their journey, such as lost belongings or service-related complaints, they can reach out to the railway station authorities for immediate assistance and resolution.

 Pakistan Railway Station Phone Number List

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Here is a compiled list of important railway AGB Directory stations in Pakistan along with their respective phone numbers:

  1. Karachi Cantonment Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-21-99201300
  2. Lahore Junction Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-42-99203161
  3. Rawalpindi Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-51-9270436
  4. Peshawar Cantonment Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-91-5275654
  5. Quetta Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-81-9201221
  6. Multan Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-61-4513669
  7. Faisalabad Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-41-9200670
  8. Hyderabad Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-22-9200749
  9. Sukkur Railway Station
    • Phone: +92-71-5610822


Having access to a reliable list of Pakistan railway station phone numbers can significantly improve the travel experience for passengers. With these numbers at their fingertips, individuals can conveniently inquire about train schedules, make ticket reservations, and seek assistance whenever needed. It is advisable to save these numbers in your contacts or jot them down before embarking on a train journey in Pakistan. Remember, effective communication is the key to a smooth and hassle-free travel experience!

Note: It’s important to ensure the accuracy of the phone numbers by cross-checking with official sources or contacting the relevant railway authorities. Phone numbers may be subject to change, so it’s recommended to verify the information before making any calls.

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