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And importance of the message. Body: the body of an email contains the main content or message, which can include text, images, hyperlinks, and attachments. It allows for both plain text and formatted text, offering flexibility in communication. Attachments: email allows users to attach files, such as documents, images, or videos, to their messages. Attachments are typically indicated by icons or links within the email. Cc (carbon copy) and bcc (blind carbon copy): cc and bcc options enable users to send copies of the email to additional recipients.

Recipients are visible to other recipients while

Bcc recipients remain hidden. Ii. How email works: email operates using standardized protocols, mainly the simple mail transfer protocol (smtp) for sending emails¬†Sweden Phone Number List and the internet message access protocol (imap) or post office protocol (pop) for receiving emails. The process typically involves the following steps: composing: the sender creates a new email message, filling in the recipient(s), subject line, and message body. Attachments can be added as necessary. Sending: when the sender clicks the “Send” button, their email client or webmail service connects to the smtp server associated with their email provider.

The email is then sent to the recipient’s email server

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Routing: the email server determines the recipient’s email server by examining the domain name in the recipient’s email address. It uses dns (domain name system) to AGB Directory¬† locate the appropriate server. Delivery: the recipient’s email server receives the email and stores it in the recipient’s mailbox. The recipient’s email client or webmail service retrieves the email using the imap or pop protocol. Viewing: the recipient opens the email using their email client or webmail service, where they can read the message, view attachments, and respond if desired.


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