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In times of emergencies, quick access to the right resources can make a significant difference in saving lives and providing timely assistance. Assam, a northeastern state in India, understands the importance of efficient emergency services and has established a comprehensive emergency phone number list. This article aims to provide valuable information about the emergency phone numbers available in Assam, ensuring that residents and visitors can quickly connect with the appropriate authorities in times of need.

 Emergency Services Helpline Numbers

Assam offers a range of helpline numbers to Lebanon Mobile Number List address different emergency situations. By dialing these numbers, individuals can immediately connect with the respective departments or agencies dedicated to handling emergencies. Here are some essential helpline numbers in Assam:

  1. Police Helpline: 100
    • The police helpline is available 24/7 to report crimes, emergencies, or seek immediate police assistance.
  2. Medical Emergency Helpline: 108
    • The medical emergency helpline is a toll-free number that connects individuals with medical services during critical situations, including accidents, medical emergencies, or natural disasters.
  3. Fire and Rescue Services: 101
    • The fire and rescue services helpline assists individuals in reporting fires, rescuing people in distress, and providing firefighting assistance.
  4. Women’s Helpline: 181
    • This helpline is dedicated to assisting women in distress, offering immediate support and guidance in cases of domestic violence, harassment, or any form of abuse.

 Disaster Management and Helpline Numbers

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Assam is prone to various natural AGB Directory calamities, including floods, earthquakes, and landslides. To effectively manage such situations, the state has established dedicated helpline numbers and agencies. Here are some important helpline numbers related to disaster management:

  1. State Disaster Management Authority (SDMA): 1070
    • The SDMA helpline provides crucial information, assistance, and resources during natural disasters. It serves as a central point for coordinating relief and rescue operations.
  2. Flood Control Room: 1077
    • Assam frequently experiences devastating floods. The flood control room helpline ensures the timely reporting and management of flood-related incidents, providing necessary support to affected areas.
  3. Earthquake Helpline: 1092
    • Assam falls under a seismic zone, making it vulnerable to earthquakes. The earthquake helpline assists in reporting earthquake-related incidents and offers guidance on safety measures during and after an earthquake.

Apart from emergency services and disaster management helplines, Assam has several other helpline numbers to address specific concerns. Here are a few additional helpline numbers that residents.


Having access to a comprehensive emergency phone number list is crucial for ensuring prompt assistance during critical situations. The government of Assam has established various helpline numbers to cater to different emergency scenarios, ranging from crimes and medical emergencies to natural disasters. By disseminating information about these helpline numbers, Assam aims to enhance public safety and create a more responsive emergency support system. It is vital for residents and visitors to be aware of these numbers and use them wisely when faced with emergencies in Assam.

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